The warmth and creativity of natural cowhides

May 8, 2019

Archaeologists believe that natural hides were the very first covering used by humans. They believe it was used not just as clothing to cover their bodies, but also as softness to cover hard floors and rugged furniture. The first humans lined their sleeping areas and created rugs. Human ingenuity took off from there.

Over several thousand years, the process of creating hides has been refined to the point where the final product is almost soothing. The warm organic aroma has the ability to bring us all back to our simpler roots. The current methods of tanning hides produce a product that is easy to clean, versatile and hypo-allergenic. Natural area rugs are no longer only found in the man cave along with the saddle-shaped bar stools. The natural elegance of the colors are finding their way into even the most modern interior decors.

Mexico is one of the world's largest producers of natural hides. Many of the country's tanneries have been family run for generations. Their eagerness to creating new works of art with patchwork hides is truly amazing and the technologies used are a true mix of the generations. Today's tanneries are using CNC controlled lasers to cut intricate shapes from the natural hides which are then hand sewn into wonderful patterns. The more intricate, the more they enjoy it.

We are pleased to provide the ability to have custom patterns created. This can be for one rug or a hundred. We have a whole new twist on the natural cow hide. Check the short videos to view just a few examples.


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