What are the duties charged when importing hospitality furniture from Mexico to the USA?

Even with the new changes to NAFTA  there is no duty for the importations of wooden furniture to the USA.

What are the average costs for bringing furniture from Mexico to the USA?

All goods that we import into the USA from Mexico are shipped with Common Carriers by road.

Most goods are shipped on 53-foot enclosed highway trailers. The costs for this are between $3,000 and $7,500 depending on the proximity to the border. Our goods are usually cleared through Laredo or Juerez. The cost for a load of furniture to cross the border averages between $400 and $600, depending slightly on the value of the load.

All customs paperwork is looked after by our logistics team. The customer will be required to sign documents provided by the US brokers office.

Where does Mexico get its raw materials that are used to build the furniture?

Unlike many of our offshore competitors, the majority of all materials used in our factories are from the USA.

  • All woods like oak, maple, walnut, ash, and elm are shipped in from the USA
  • Most veneers are also brought in from the USA
  • Most of our panel goods are produced from scratch right in Mexico
  • All plastic laminates that are available in the USA are also available in Mexico
Does Hilbrecht build custom pieces of furniture?

At Hilbrecht, custom furniture makes up 100% of what we build. Every production run is specifically for only one customer.

The usual process starts with us getting drawings or just ideas of what furniture is required. We will then work with you to define all construction materials and finishes.

Shop drawings are always prepared by us and provided to the customer and/or designers for final approval.

How does Hilbrecht assure the quality of every piece of furniture built?

Hilbrecht has implemented a comprehensive quality program with all of our partner factories.

All furniture pieces are evaluated and quality criteria are developed for each. These quality criteria are then used to inspect every piece of furniture during the production process. All pieces are formally inspected two times during the production process: once just before painting and a second time just prior to packaging. All quality inspection results are tracked and documented.

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