HD Expo 2019

May 14, 2019

The largest North American tradeshow for the hospitality industry is on in Las Vegas from May 15 to 17. Hilbrecht is proud and excited to be back showing at this event after a 13 year hiatus.

The first time we exhibited in this show was in the late 1980s. We worked with an organization called B.C. Wood, an association of wood product producers from British Columbia, Canada. There were four of us manufacturers and we shared a 20x20 booth. I don't believe that's even an option anymore. We all felt like rookies on their first day in the big leagues. This show was massive compared to anything we had in Canada.

The hospitality industry has blossomed over the last 30 years. We have seen TV armoires come and go, and come back. Yes, we have a project that is using a very large and involved armoire to house a flat screen TV. It's even on a pullout shelf.

Today's show has materials and products from all over the world. If It can be used in a hotel, it's at the show. The list of furniture manufacturers is endless.

When we first became part of this show the talk was all about the China furniture invasion and how the USA big boys were taking their production off to China. They were building samples in the US and then sending them to China to be produced. Well, today the talk is again all about the China producers only this time it's about how hard it is becoming for them to compete due to new USA duties. It looks like there may be a shift coming again.

We here at Hilbrecht truly believe that this shift will be towards Mexican manufacturers. Our factories here in Mexico are willing and able to provide anything that our USA neighbours might need. The more unique the designs, the more we like it.

If you are at the HD Expo show, please stop by our booth, number 1613. If you can't make it, please see here some pictures of what we are showing. A far cry from the three little night stands we started with so many years ago!

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